Beho Beho Bushblog – Saningo – 24th May

saningoblogIt is an unexplainable feeling that I had on my recent trip to Uganda, where I saw many things that I never even thought that I would see in my life.  The trip was quite a remarkable one, and I would like to thank everyone at Beho Beho who made this trip possible and especially Joel from Africa Reps who organised it all with Nkuringo Safaris and Lodges.

The highlights of the trip were quite different from what I expected before I arrived in Uganda, I was only thinking about Gorilla and Chimpanzee tracking, but when we actually got there, we were amazed at the number of exciting sightings and experiences that Uganda had to offer. I have always been fond of antelopes, so the Uganda kob and oribi, which was a first sighting for me, along with topi and hartebeest that I have not seen for a long time made me very happy. I had heard about the river Nile since being a child at primary school, so coming to this river was like a dream to me, a dream that I never hoped to realise.

In terms of bird sightings, I saw a number of species that were a ‘lifer’ for me, – Uganda Black Crowned Crane, Shoebill stork, Abyssinia Ground Hornbill and African Finfoot, as we drove from Entebbe to Lake Mburu, Bwindi, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kibale and Murchison Falls on our ten day trip.

Gorilla tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest was an amazing day, a bit tough going up and down the steep mountains in the dense forest, but when we found them we were so excited that we certainly forgot about the walk. It was a real privilege to be amongst these wonderful creatures who seemed unconcerned that we were so close to them as they munched on their breakfast leaves.

Tracking the chimpanzees in Kibale was a fantastic experience, quite different from the gorillas, as they spend most of their time in the tree canopy.

I would like to thank everyone at Nkuringo Safaris especially our guides Patrick and Julius, for driving us  all over the country. It was also very interesting to be accompanied by Ally and Theo the guides from Madagascar Classic Collection who accompanied us on the trip as it allowed us to swap stories and experiences. My colleague guide Godlisten was more than a colleague, he was like an elder brother to all of us making sure that we took full advantage of this wonderful opportunity.





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1 Response to Beho Beho Bushblog – Saningo – 24th May

  1. Darlene Knott says:

    Oh, how very wonderful that you two young men got to go. I remember you both well from our visit to Beho Beho in 2013. I loved the details of your trip and your awe at the incredible sightings! Very happy for both you and Godlisten! Wishing you all the best!

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