Beho Beho Bushblog – Saningo – 19th February

saningoblogAfter Christmas and New Year pass, there have been some great sightings. Amongst the action I saw two spotted hyenas taking down a wildebeest cow. Hyenas in most areas have a reputation of being scavengers, as I recall this is the way I thought about hyenas, I also heard the same thought by the local people about hyenas being scavengers. When I came into the safari industry is when I realize that they can take down big game.

I have never seen hyenas in action like that day, although at the beginning of the season there was a big clan of hyenas that wanted to take down a big old buffalo bull next to the structure at the airstrip, but unfortunately, we could not see the commotion. Eventually they manage to take down that buffalo as well.

This day with the wildebeest started with chasing and finished in a big fight as the wildebeest was also fighting back. It continued until the two hyenas manage to pull the cow down. That is a way the nature always takes its course, there is always a saying in nature which I agree with, that says, wherever there is life, there also must be death.

Other game sightings have included two prides of lions, a pride we call the Beho Beho pride and the second pride named the Black Panther pride that roams the shore of Lake Tagalala. In the Beho Beho pride there are several lionesses with new cubs, I imagine it’s going to be a strong pride by the next season. Bird-wise, we have been so lucky with a nice diversity of migrants and non-migrant birds, this ground horn-bill shot seems to be among the few good pictures of the day.






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