Beho Beho Bushblog – Roel – 12th February

roelblogThis story I am writing is from a while back already, the 26th of December 2017 actually. That morning I went out with the Hay family for a drive and we were heading towards the Little Serengeti and maybe even beyond towards Lake Manze depending on what we would find along the way.

We had some nice sightings along the way of Cape Buffalo and general game, but when we got to the start of the Little Serengeti, there where the thick forest starts to give way to the open grassland, we encountered a small herd of Elephants. At first I thought they were a bit nervous as, without me knowing this, we had driven into the middle of the somewhat scattered herd. Normally when this happens the Elephants will either re-group and carry on with their lives or they stay nervous and we move on. After a few minutes the Elephants were still not really calming down but strangely they were not really interested in us and the vehicle, even the Yellow Baboons were more on their toes than normal. So I decided to move on and let them all relax and for us to go see what the plains would bring us.

We did not get far as we barely moved 50 meters and somebody in the back yelled “LIONS!!”, so I stopped and looked to my left and saw an amazing sighting happening. These Lions, they turned out to be the Black Panther Pride, had stumbled across a Masai Giraffe that had just given birth and they were eying the newborn for a meal.

The feelings in the car were a bit mixed but in the end we did watch the sighting unfold until the Lions had taken down their meal. This can be hard to watch as it did take a long time to happen, we were there for over an hour and during that time the mother defended her offspring admirably. But, in the end, she had to leave and rescue herself as she was getting more and more tired. The calf itself never stood a chance as one of its back legs was broken.

A morning never to forget even though it is a though sighting to watch.



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