Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

saningoblog    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

It has been quiet for almost a month guests wise, but during our quiet period there were ongoing maintenance-works at camp. We did miss going out on game drives, walks and boating excursions, so when our guests arrived we all were keen to go out and explore.

After a few days with guests in camp it was my turn to go to the lake for boating, but on the way toward the lake there is always a nice casual drive to see what we can find. From the start at camp early in the morning it was full of general game in the open plains, but there was no any sign of any predators in the area. Finally when I just concentrate my thoughts to the lake, was when I saw vultures going down and as I switched of my engine to figure out how to get there, it was an opportunity for me to hear some hyenas giggling with little bit of a fighting sound as well. That was a great sign to me that there should be something interesting happening over there. All of a sudden we saw this pack of wild dogs and hyenas that were trying to take their kill. What the kill was we do not know as we only saw wild dogs with red lips as an indicator that something had been killed, probably it was an impala. It was a nice number of 22 wild dogs, many of them are still youngsters. They are always much more active and playful while the adults sleeping.  The guests were pleased to see these rare animals that they were not even expecting.

There was other general game all over the game park, majority are buffaloes, impalas, elephants, troops of baboon, giraffes and warthogs. There are some prides of lions that been roaming quite frequently in our immediately area, but since the day we receive our guests till the day they left we only saw one lioness by the Beho Beho airstrip. This lioness last month came to camp, it seems like she was searching for a nice place to give birth, as she was heavily pregnant. So that morning we saw her on some open ground and a few minutes later she walked into thick grass and some shrubs, and we started hearing what sounded like little cubs. The rest of the pride seem not too far away because every evening we could hear them calling down the Msine river valley.

Bird watching has been so spectacular; many migrant birds like European rollers, carmine bee-eaters and white stork have entered the area. The weather has been cloudy but humid during the day, but oin the last day for all our guests  there was a big shower that started very early to almost late morning, afterward the weather was so clear and nice. The scenery is so stunning, all the open fields look green, plenty of life happening. And so now we are looking forward for the Christmas and New Year to come soon.







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3 Responses to Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

  1. John Gray says:

    Happy Christmas to all the team at behobeho. Love the pictures and news, keep it coming! Best wishes, John & Claire Gray.

  2. Sarah Bailey says:

    Saningo, I love your hat!!!!!!
    Love to everyone in the camp and I cannot wait to be back but NO MORE wives, please!
    Mama B

  3. Denise Howell says:

    Wonderful! Happy holidays. Willnever forget New Year’s Eve at Lake Tagalala.

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