Beho Beho Bushblog – Saningo – 10th November

saningoblogThe short rains that started recently have turned the scenery green. It has also made the antelopes more active and they are enjoying this weather. A few days ago when I was out on an afternoon drive, I drove towards the battlefields where I saw a nice herd of impalas that were actively leaping all over the place. On the other side there was an elephant matriarchal herd, it seemed like there were two herds that encountered one another there and formed a bigger herd.

Predator sightings have been quite good, we often see the Beho Beho pride that lives around camp. In this pride there is at least one lioness that looks like she is pregnant, she has been walking in camp and sometimes sleeps on the flat stone pathways, it is this behaviour which made us think that maybe she is searching for the place to give birth. This lioness is more distinctive from other the lioness because of her short tail and new wound on her shoulder.

African wild dogs have been so elusive for almost two months, as they have been denning we have not seen them moving around. About a week ago, there was a nice pack of wild dog we saw on the plains in front of camp as we were having breakfast. We drove towards them and we found them with many puppies, as there were no other guests in camp, we took Mama B (Sarah Bailey), Mr. Simba and all the management and guides. At some point we saw these wild dogs start greeting one another and making a little whistling and eventually start hunting, it was so nice to see them chasing waterbuck. It was such a special evening.




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