Beho Beho Bushblog – Godlisten – 13th September


A great morning and a great time for our guests with Lion and Hyena, but not that good for Wildebeest and poor Cape Buffalo, and that is because they lost there lives after being killed by Lions and Hyena.


All this actions happened in the morning, five minutes from the camp at the Beho Beho International Airstrip. First, Lions killed a Wildebeest. We were on the way heading to Little Serengeti, we stopped at the airstrip, watched Hyenas moving around and once they ran away for a few minutes we heard Lion growling a few meters from where we were sat. We decide to move in because it was behind the bush and we found a big pride of Lions, nine in total, three big male lions, five lionesses and one cub. Two of the big males having eaten enough already, meant it was time for the one younger male lion to have his share. Most of the kills are made by the females but males always start to eat and then the females follow, and this is to make sure that the males stay healthy and strong enough to defend the cubs who when below one years old could be at danger from any rival males who may try to take over the female pride.


After three days another lovely sight was Hyena and Cape buffalo, this happened a few meters from where the Lion kill was previously, it was really interesting and was a good breakfast for the Hyena but as usual the vultures were there waiting for their time to clear everything up.

All this just at the airstrip!




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