Beho Beho Bushblog – Roel – 14th August

roelblogPhil and Saning’o went out on drive the other morning, taking the guests to a boating trip on Lake Tagalala. As Phil got to our airstrip he noticed a clan of Spotted Hyena harassing an injured looking Cape Buffalo bull. To add to the excitement the neighbouring clan was also in the area in numbers, seemingly also trying to get to the injured Buffalo. Both vehicles enjoyed the sighting for a while, where the Hyenas would alternate between harassing the Buffalo and challenging the other clan. Unfortunately for our guests the action then moved further into the bush and everybody moved off towards the lake.

A little while later I went down towards the airstrip to see about this Buffalo bull, having an injured bull in and around camp could present us with a possible dangerous situation for both our guests and staff. When I got down to the access road to the staff village, I discovered the Hyena had actually managed to take down the bull and were feeding ravenously on it. It soon became clear that the other clan had not given up its claim to the meal and was still around on the side of the terminal building. They were voicing their claims loudly and were hoping more members of their clan would join them.

Eventually the numbers of Hyena on the actual kill were going down as with their bellies filled individual members would move away from the kill to rest. This did not go unnoticed by the rival clan and soon they surged forward, chasing off the remaining Hyena and claiming the kill for themselves. They wasted no time getting stuck into the remains, but always keeping an eye out. Soon the first clan re-grouped and moved back towards the kill-site, regaining the kill they would have worked hard for.



But unfortunately their victory did not last long as the three dominant male Lions showed up and chased all the Spotted Hyena away. We even discovered the carcass of a Hyena near our staff village the next day, likely it was mauled by the Lions and died of its injuries.



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  1. budpumba says:

    très belles photos !

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