Beho Beho Bushblog – Saningo – 10th August

The new lion pride that has settled in our area are proving to be a very successful pride especially in terms of hunting and defending their territory from other competitors like hyena, whom are very active in our area. Since the pride we called Bibi’s pride disappeared from our area, at the beginning of the last season, Hyena’s have ruled over the Beho Beho area. Some lion prides tried to make the area their own, but were not strong enough to compete against the strong hyena clans.

These lions are different because they are strong in number and experience being 4 adult females and 3 strong males with only one cub to feed. I have been finding them frequently recently with my guests and we have had some fantastic sightings. On one occasion we found them with a fresh wildebeest kill. On another occasion we found them on Tamlyn plains with a zebra meal and they are often seen with very full bellies. I am really pleased that they have been roaming around our area so much and really hope that as the land dries out and the game moves towards the lake that this pride still sticks around and becomes the Beho Beho pride.


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