Beho Beho Bushblog – Godlisten – 17th July


We are well into the new season now; green grasses heading to brown which makes the environment look amazing and the animals are healthy. I have been in The Selous for many years but never get tired of this unbelievable place. A lot of places in Africa are busy, with lots of tourists, so many visitors try to find out the best time to visit to avoid all the people, but for Selous you don’t need to think about that, it’s the perfect place all year round, with very few cars. You won’t believe it when you are in a big game sighting and it’s just yourself and there are no other cars around the animal, which makes you to feel like you’re among them.


Last season the number of Hyena were real good around the Beho Beho area, but since the beginning of this season things have changed a lot, now we have more than three different prides of Lion around our area. Black Panther pride is doing great with eight cubs right now. Hopefully if the cubs make it to adulthood, it will be a big pride of Lions, which means they have to look to hunt big animals like Giraffe and Buffalo.


The birding in Selous is still stunning as usual, having more than four hundred different species of bird, for sure we can’t complain. Lake Tagalala is still looking lovely right now and it’s a good time for water birds to be nesting. Last week we saw a good number of African Spoon Bill and Opened Billed Stork busy feeding their chicks.

It was unbelievable that one of our guests saw one hundred different spices of birds within just three nights, which was wonderful!


The general game is great, you won’t believe the number of animals you will see at the airstrip especially in the morning where lot of animals overnight for their safety (safety in numbers) Giraffes, Wildebeests, Zebra, Impala, Warthogs to mention a few. The number of Elephant is still doing well now at Msine valley and also at the camp area.


May, June and July is a good time for Butterflies, this time we have a lot of them like White cabbage butterfly, Africa monarch, Blue pansy, Acraeas, Scarlet tip, Citrus swallowtail and many more. My favourite one is Diadem butterfly, which are everywhere right now. They are cool to watch because the females mimic the coloration of the African Monarch to gain immunity from predation and makes them look different from the male one. Predators confuse the palatable Diadem butterfly with the unpalatable monarch, as the only difference is a small black dot on the hind wing. This is known as Batesian mimicry and is only effective if the Diadem population is smaller than the monarch population otherwise the toxic butterfly population would be diluted by the non-toxic one and predators would then not ignore either as a potential food source.






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3 Responses to Beho Beho Bushblog – Godlisten – 17th July

  1. Darlene Knott says:

    Wonderful post, Godlisten! We are happy you and the Selous are doing well! Darlene and Mark Knott

    Life is a gift. Don’t forget to open it! Sent from Darlene’s iPad.


  2. Sarah Bailey says:

    Godlisten! I wish I was with you all……….please book me in for this time next year as you make it sound such a special time!
    Mama B

  3. Matthew Styles says:

    Your report echos exactly our recent lovely stay, Godlisten.Happy memories of our days out on Lake Tagalala too.We hope the season continues well for you all.
    Matthew and Vicki Styles

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