Beho Beho Bushblog – Saningo – 27th June


It’s a remarkable start of the 2017 – 2018 season, as before the start of the new season, I got an opportunity to fly abroad to South Africa for two weeks, which was my first time to step outside my country Tanzania. So I shall start by thanking the directors and managers of my company for their support. The two weeks I was down in South Africa was quite an adventure. I started in Galenia Estate, such beautiful a place. I was pleased to explore the Estate, and see the olive farm which surrounds the main building, quite a line of planted olives. I decided to grab my camera to take a few pictures, thanks to Mr Cade for showing me around, my special thanks to Marinus for his hosting and planning my days’ routines while I was at Galenia Estate. A big thank you to Patty for guiding me around the Estate, I did envy her geology and botany knowledge. It was a great experience to visit the wine farms and taste their produce, I do not recall all the towns and wine farms we visited in the Robertson Wine Valley as we did a lot of driving that day but we did visit Montagu, Ashton a and other few more. During our drive from one town to another along the road side there were also some great cattle farms that might also give me an idea of how to farm my personal local cattle back home.27061


After those three days of my first week in Galenia Estate, Mr Marinus drove me back to Cape Town where Mr Joost and Katherine received me and hosted me in the city. It was a big wow when they took me out for dinner at the waterfront, it is a very beautiful town and there is so much to see. I thank Katherine and Joost for showing me around, while I was in Cape Town. I also got an opportunity to climb up Table Mountain, the mountain that I have been hearing of in the last few years, I was more than excited when I got to the top as it was not an easy way up; on our way down we used the cable car, which was so lovely seeing that also, my particular thanks to Mr Joost for taking me up the mountain and afterwards he took me also to the big harbor in Cape Town. I also thank Katherine for taking me to the Red Bus tour in Cape Town. I was a bit nervous when she dropped me off and left me, I thought I would have got lost as I was just by my own, but after a little while I did forget of been lonely and started the tour.



The second week, which was also my last week, was my flight from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth and straight drive to Ulovane Environmental Training center, for my birding course. I was so thrilled to share my experience with other guides from different places in the world. During my stay at Ulovane in Amakhala Game Reserve, I got to see some new birds species and sub-species, like Red-wing starling, Hartlaub’s turaco, Denham’s bustard, and many more. It was an experience also to mingle with other guides from other game reserves. There were a few guides from different reserves, Rudolph Van Niekerk from Lallibela Game Reserve is among them. I did enjoy his guiding flow when he was on his final FGASA level three assessment, with our trainer Mr Peter from Ulovane on his left side, and me sitting in the back with my class mate Laura from UK. I guess Rudolph did pass his assessment, although I wasn’t the one to give marks. Although it was a bird course, we also saw some big game nevertheless like White rhinos, Elephants, and Hippopotamus as well. As I am always fond of antelopes, I was also very excited to see some new antelopes that I have never seen, like Springboks, Blesbok and Nyala, and other antelopes that I have seen only once in my life which was an Oryx. I thank Mr Peter from Ulovane Environment Training for sharing his knowledge with me and the other guides from different countries and even different continents, there guys from Australia, Europe and Africa. So it was an opportunity to mingle with others and share experiences.




Finally I would like to send my families regards to the company that supports me. Mr Charlie Bailey I wouldn’t skip mentioning your name as my father mentioned your name as well, thanking you for supporting me to travel abroad. My mother also sends her regards to Mama B. and she said Shikamoo, (it’s Kiswahili word of greeting someone of above your age).



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2 Responses to Beho Beho Bushblog – Saningo – 27th June

  1. Darlene Knott says:

    How exciting, Saningo! So happy for you! Did you see Karin and Walter at all?

    Life is a gift. Don’t forget to open it! Sent from Darlene’s iPad.


  2. Joost van der Ploeg says:

    Hello Saningo, KK and I enjoyed having you here, it is always refreshing to see our city by showing it off to tourists, we are pleased you did enjoy your stay.

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