Beho Beho Bushmail – Start of Season 2017/18

The blessing of rain has transformed the plains and hills around Beho Beho; lush verdant grasses, with a scattering of wildflowers and fungi, extend as far as the eye can see. We returned in May to periodic showers and an audibly flowing Msine River. Day by day our skies turn bluer and the sun warms the earth, as vultures soar amidst the thermals. As the moon rises, nostalgia sets in staring out onto the Southern Cross, the constellation, and now a familiar friend, which always greets our return to Beho Beho and welcomes our guests to the beginning of a new season. Our nights would not be complete without the laughter of hippos and roar of mighty lions, as elephants feed on grasses and snap small branches during their night-time wanderings.


As we started to open camp, we were greeted by some familiar faces – Fred has appeared outside of our houses and the Gardener has started to catch up on his pruning work. After these rains he has quite a lot of work to do!


As usually happens, drives down to the airstrip or (Phone) Signal Hill surprised lions who – over our two closed months – forgot that humans frequent this area. Further inspection, revealed tracks of cubs alongside those of adult lions. One afternoon as Idrissa returned with weekly supplies from Kisaki, we got the call that wild dogs were coming to camp – quite literally walking up the road from the airstrip to our car park. And though we have good sightings of wild dogs, the unpredictability of how long it might be before seeing them again can still break up afternoon work to sit with them for a while, waiting for the moment when they rouse to greet one another in their usual evening ritual.


In a rare and special sighting, Phil and Roel spotted two crowned eagles circling the area in front of camp. We rarely see crowned eagles in camp, and even less frequently up close, but that afternoon one swooped in, perching on the dead tree near the water hole. To their delight, a pair of these stunning eagles were seen again landing in a tree near banda 3. We’re hoping it’s the start of many more special bird sightings this season.


As we wrap up our second week of the new season, we are grateful to have already made some remarkable new memories with our guests. Taking in stunning sunrises with a cup of coffee; driving out towards the airstrip to find seated giraffes rising in the morning light accompanied by plenty of zebra; elephants drinking from the waterhole soaked in moonlight.


It’s no wonder that June has long been a favourite month of ours. The time we get to re-explore an unspoilt Selous, soaking in the beauty all around and anticipating all of the new adventures that lie ahead! We look forward to welcoming our new – and quite a few returning – guests and sharing in the Beho Beho delights of the new season!


Wishing you a pleasant safari, where ever you may be!


Until the next time,


Phil, Tricia, Roel, Nico, Godlisten, Saning’o, Idrissa,

and the entire Beho Beho family

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2 Responses to Beho Beho Bushmail – Start of Season 2017/18

  1. Denise Howell says:

    I so look forward to these blog posts. I hope to be one of the return guests soon.

    • Tricia Piper-Bennett says:

      Hi Denise! Glad you’re enjoying the updates from Beho Beho. It doesn’t feel like so long ago you were celebrating the New Year with us. Hope to see you again soon!

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