Beho Beho Bushblog – Roel – 20th June

roelblog  Beho Beho game activities are in full swing with the first guests of the season and we have gotten off to a great start. In the first week of the season we have had great sightings of Lions mating, Wild Dogs, several herds of Elephants, really muddy Buffalo and, to top it all off, the Black Panther Pride and their eight cubs are still around.

Opposite of the previous season, we have had fairly heavy rains till the end of May. This means that the bush is still looking extremely lush and water is plentiful out there. But as the sun is doing its magic the bush is slowly drying out, the grasses especially are done with producing their seeds and are starting to go yellow.

The other morning we found a pack of Wild Dogs lying out in the open on The Battlefields, this struck me as kind of odd as in the early morning they are usually quite active. As we approached the situation became a bit clearer. The pack was surrounded by about 7 Spotted Hyena also lazily resting in the morning sun. It seemed like the Dogs were unwilling to go and hunt with such a large group of Hyenas in tow as the Hyenas, being more powerful, would surely steal any kill away from the Dogs. As time passed the Hyenas lost their interest and started to move off one by one. When the last Hyena had moved away the Dogs sprang into action and we were surrounded by the pack as they went through their greeting rituals. Not too long after the whole pack moved off into the bush, perhaps hoping to make a kill before it got too warm.

I should also not forget the birds. We have had a great variety of species come through already, with some specials like Crowned Eagle, Zanzibar Red Bishop, Eurasian Buzzard, Rüppell’s Griffon Vulture and Racket Tailed Rollers to name but a few. For one of our guests we have already positively identified 79 different bird species and we are confident we can push that to over a hundred during their stay.




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