Beho Beho Bushblog – Godlisten – 25th January


Lake Manze is almost completely dried out now, but it is still a good area for game drives! My last drive there was very interesting and we had a lovely time, because it was like watching a movie. This movie was about two young Lion and cow Buffalo.


Our first sighting was Two Lions with a baby Warthog {piglet}. We heard the baboons making a lot of noise and running away very quickly, my first thought was predator although I couldn’t tell if it Lion or Leopard. We decided to drive closer to see what was going on, we found out it was a Lion who had caught a little piglet, it was very small, I may say it was something like one week old. It was interesting to watch the Lion try to figure out how to eat it, but finally he manage it.


But the piglet was just a snack to that King of the jungle, so the lions decided to move close to the water and wait for more of their mobile food, which would be coming down to drink. The first one to show up was Elephant but it was too big for only two Lions, second one was a Wildebeest followed by Zebra but they didn’t reach the water, then a small heard of Buffalo came to drink, and that is where the show started.


The Lions waited until the Buffalo reached the water and they were now very close to each other. The Lions stood up and start to chase them, unfortunately one of the cow Buffalo got stuck in the thick mud and because the young Lions were not that experienced in hunting they ended up just looking each other, it took about five to ten minutes for the Buffalo to get out of the thick mud and only then did the two species, predator and prey start to chase each other, first the Buffalo chased the Lions for a few meters before the Lions turned around and chased the Buffalo back, this continued until one of the buffalo’s charges was a serious one and the Lions were forced to climb into a dead tree. This gave a chance for the Buffalo to run away and join the rest of the herd, most of the time it does happen that the Buffalo protect each other or rescue one of their members from a difficult situation, but this time it was different, the cow Buffalo was forced to fight for her life and the herd was just watching, even a Hippo joined us to enjoy the show but not give help.



Elsewhere on Lake Manze it is like party time for the Pelicans, after water level drops it makes fishing easy for them.

On the other side, at Lake Tagalala the water level is still good which makes this a perfect place for the Hippo to stick to at this time of the year until rain comes, though some of the Hippo’s have lost their life and this has happened because there is not enough food for them and also due to fighting, especially between the bulls.


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