Beho Beho Bushblog – Saningo – 5th December


It has been a good start since I came back from home for my off days. I was away for about three weeks, actually my first two weeks were just for family excitements and other home life, my mind concentrating on them. But the third week I was starting to miss my job, missing going out on drives, boating excursions , hosting at main camp, and also miss my entire Beho Beho team colleagues.

After all this missing, the actual day of me to go back came and I flew in and straight away started heading out on a drive the next day. The bush continues getting drier, although it seems like there are a few wind storms that have started blowing, an overcast morning here and late afternoon there, the humidity rising – all of which are the indicators that the rains are building.

So far so good on my game drives, one evening, I was a battling on making my game plans of which road to take. Then Phil gave me an idea, as he said, ‘Saning’o if I was you I would try driving to the Beho Beho seeps area to see what you can find out there’’. Without delaying my thoughts, I took his advice and I casually drove that road, it was a good start with one little bull elephant close to the Beho Beho airstrip, and some normal game sightings on the way, at last reaching the point when I was close to the Beho Beho river and as we drove towards the river crossing, close to the road, up in the tree that I had a great sight of this leopard from last season, there he was again! I always glanced up in the tree and I am always hoping he will be there. It was close to the road, my car was close, but he was not phased, it was a great sighting!

Some other general game congregations seem to keep forming a lot along the lakes and springs too. On another morning we saw an unusual sight, when we stopped for our breakfast close to Lake Manze and all of a sudden we saw a black and white colobus monkey hopping on the ground coming toward us, and when it was a few meters away it jumped up in to a big tree and was relaxing up there not even caring of movement down below. It seemed like it had become quite habituated, it’s a beautiful type of monkey and to see it so close and in a savannah plains setting was unusual!

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  1. Darlene Knott says:

    Life is a gift. Don’t forget to open it! Sent from Darlene’s iPad.


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