Beho Beho Bushblog – Godlisten – 10th November


Clouds start to build up slowly which is a good sign for the shot rains, it’s time for Impala and Warthog to deliver and they really need green grass so that they can have enough milk for the new borns. We still have real good sightings of Lion, Hyena, Buffalo and Elephants around the camp.


Msine River is busy right now with herbivores and predators, all coming down looking for water, and this makes walking safaris more adventurous, changing route for the walking safari happens many times after we find out Elephant’s block our way.


Wild dog sightings are great now after almost three weeks on them being illusive. Phil called on the radio and said he saw tracks around airstrip, we traced them without any success, then after something like twenty minutes Roel found them close to the Beho Beho River with a kill, before Hyena took over, so they ran all the way to Msine River and this time it was Phil’s turn to see them.


Today I’ve had a lovely morning with Tim and Sonya, starting with the general game around our area before it started to get busy at Lake Manze where we saw two young Lions with a kill. We spent almost 45 minutes with them without any other vehicles and this is why the Selous is a unique place to visit. Later on we found a big pack of dogs, something like 14 of them resting under Doum palms but not that active because it was starting to get hot.


Tagalala is still doing great and the jumping fish are very active and jumping all the time, which makes the boat trip amazing every time. The water levels at Lake Manze are dropping every day which makes the Hippos and Crocs life unpredictable. Also other animals like wildebeest and Zebra do not find it easy to drink because they have to pass through thick mud to reach water and some of them like the young get stuck in it.


Birding is becoming even better because it’s a good time for migrate birds to come in. Right now we have Broad billed Roller, Southern Carmine Bee-eater and European Bee-eater. We are waiting for White Stock now.


We have had sightings of Colobus Monkey close to Lake Manze, it is unusual for them to be in the open area instead of forest where there is suitable food and good cover.



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3 Responses to Beho Beho Bushblog – Godlisten – 10th November

  1. Love that photo of the muddy zebra foal! I bet his mother was mad at him.

  2. Denise Howell says:

    Wonderful! I so look forward to these posts and seeing all of you and your photos. Thank you!

  3. Sarah Bailey says:

    Lovely Bush Blog, Godlisten, and great photos. Any rain yet?

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