Beho Beho Bushblog – Heribert – 25th October


In May 2010, I had no idea how my life would turn up as I joined a new family. This was the first time I came to Beho Beho as a member of the family. I was welcomed with warm hearts and friendly faces. A year went by and then another, then a few more years. I just couldn’t think of a better working environment let alone how pristine the Selous is, and so more years went by. Sadly the life of man is prone to changes and that time for me has come. It is a sad feeling that I have to leave the Beho Beho Family at about six and a half years old.


We have shared a lot of fond experiences, whether when you visited Beho Beho or just by reading a blog posted, all in all these have been some of the best years of my life. The experiences, the knowledge and lessons learned will always be part of me and hopefully be an ambassador to the uniqueness of Beho Beho.


It would be unfair if I leave without conveying my sincere appreciation to the people that moulded me to the product I am today. To Mr. Charlie Bailey for giving the opportunities to travel and learn. As a father guiding me through my growth in the industry. To Mr. George Crossland, your words of encouragement made it possible for me to persevere in hospitality, one could not ask for a better mentor. Sean Lues, Sacha Toroni, Ian Kruger and Walter Juber, all played an incredible role to make me the walking guide I proudly am today. There is a long list of people to mention and perhaps just a general thank you will do. A big thank you to the Beho Beho team for the support and cooperation over the years.


I move on to another chapter in my life, close to my little family. As bad as it feels leaving the bigger Beho Beho family, it brings great excitement to the life that awaits me. We all hear and read from our blogs of how the animal world works, I always like to compare their behaviour to those of humans. Here is one good example, when a male lion reaches puberty he is bound to leave the pride and move on to start a life of his own. Groomed and shaped by the entire pride there comes a time to go and put one’s self to the test. I think of myself having reached my puberty in the family and it is time to put myself to the test.


I believe this will not be the last of my stay at Beho Beho, and I do know for sure I have a family. I will hold the memories dearly and hope to keep this relationship as alight as it is.

Most of us will have followed from last year of me getting married, exactly two month ago we were blessed with a baby girl, all the more reason to leave and get closer to my family.


Let me stop here, I know for sure I can write a lot more, but I also know words will never do justice to what the Beho Beho family at large has done for me. So sadly this might be the last blog I do, but I hope we will all keep in touch and hopefully work together again in the near future. There is a saying in swahili that goes, ” Milima haikutani ila binadamu hukutana”. This means, ” mountains dont meet but humans do”. In our daily wanderings someday we will cross paths and that day will be joyous. Until then, I wish you all a happy rest of the year and a joyous holiday season to come.


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