Beho Beho Bushblog – Saningo – 7th October


Our location at Beho Beho is a good vantage point as we have permanent natural springs just in the front of camp. This natural spring close to our camp provides us nice hippo sightings at our hippo pool, and also from the late afternoon, at dusk we get some hippos coming over to camp grazing at night and also to drink fresh water from the our waterhole that at the moment we fill often as its getting much use at night. Some herds of elephants are among the big game that roams around, close to our houses and in front of the guests’ bandas.

These springs in front of our camp provide a place for some nice herds of game to come to drink. By having the game coming to drink it makes big predators like lions, spotted hyena, leopard and wild dogs move closer as they attempt to hunt.

This week to welcome returning guests, the lions made a kill close to the Beho Beho airstrip. That really was a good welcome for our guests, Sonya and Mr Tim, who had been here in the 2014. Wow, it was my pleasure to meet them once again as we have been keeping in contact since their first stay at Beho Beho. Having these lions was more than exciting! Although the kill was in the sun, these lions were just lazy, sleeping in the shade, but keeping their eyes on their buffalo kill, so we spent a few minutes with them before we went to camp.

Late afternoon we headed out on a drive and went to the lions to see if they were active, but it was still a little bit early, so we continued for some game viewing and bird watching, but later on as we were driving back to camp and the sun was already set, the lions became active, trying to finish their kill before hyena start challenging them. It was so nice seen them ripping apart their kill, and as it was already dusk I didn’t want to spend much time shining my lights in their eyes while they were feeding, so after about six minutes we head straight to camp to do some feeding of our own.

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