Beho Beho Bushblog -21st September

saningoblog  It has been so busy in terms of game sightings out here. Gladly the wild dogs that have been scarce for a little while started popping up right in front of camp. It was a good active week, early in the morning’s hyenas and wild dogs confronted each other. As both species are predatory animals, food competition could have been the main reason for the confrontations. With wild dogs having a high success percentage in hunting, it sometimes means the hyenas follow them and attempt to take over the kill that the dogs have made, but this depends on the numbers of the two predators, big numbers are needed to win the confrontation.

The other day we spotted the dogs from camp and, as I had not seen them for a while, I went out to look for them. From the front of the camp they moved towards the Beho Beho airstrip this just took a few minutes for them as usually they travel quite fast, I did spend a nice long time with this pack, as I was kind of tracking them , but at some stage I saw one female that was coming back to the rest with wet and red lips which told me that she had made a kill somewhere. It was fun watching them greeting her, licking, whistling and after a little while she started leading the rest right in the thick forest that I couldn’t manage to drive in to, so I decide to drive via the fire break road. When I drove half way I saw a very fresh impala kill that was made by wild dogs as I could see the foot prints in the ground, so I definitely thought that the leader was leading the rest toward this kill. After a short while I started to hear them running, and finally I saw the leader with the rest following behind, it was so nice watching them ripping apart their kill.

The rest of the entire game is incredible at the moment, including nice herds of buffalo, kudu, wildebeest, elephants and troops of baboon as well as prides of lion. There is one unique buffalo cow that looks white, actually as mentioned by Roel in his last blog. Scientifically its call Leucism which means the situation of an animal to have loss of pigment, for this cow loss of pigments made it look white. An interesting thing about this cow is that it has a calf, and its calf is pure black as normal. In the wild everything can provide you a great wonder, beside the animals, birds and vegetation even the landscape can also provide it’s unique atmosphere, late afternoon out on our activities we usually find a nice spot that we can end up our day, and enjoy seeing the sun going down in the west, it always give a nice red color in the sky especially on days with not many clouds.










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