Beho Beho Bushblog – Saningo – 30th August


The dry season often provides us with some great action moments that we have been waiting for and they have already started. The congregations of game also started building up as well, as most of the game is highly water dependent and so by being dry during this time of the year, it’s making the game move down toward the permanent water sources are the Lakes, like Lake Tagalala and Lake Manze where we tend to do our game drives, by driving along the lakes we now frequently find the action. Around Lake Manze there is a pride of two lionesses with their two cubs, making that side of the game park pretty active in terms of sightings. A few days ago I drove toward Lake Manze and the start of my day was slightly quiet in terms of animal sightings, but then as I got to the Beho Beho River crossing the sightings started. We encountered a tuskless elephant along with a few baboons in the palm forest, it was fun watching the cow elephant following the baboons as they dropped off palm fruits from the canopies, baboon being messy feeders, so for the elephant it was a good opportunity to follow on below picking up the fallen fruits.

After the elephant and baboon sighting in the forest we carried on driving toward the lake. As we kept driving towards the lake we started to encounter congregations of game, and all of the animals were heading toward the lake to drink. We drove further along the lake still and I saw a few vultures landing and other vultures were perching up in the trees, always a good indicator that there may be a carcass. I drove toward the vultures and we ended up seeing a little wildebeest carcass but just a small bottom section was open. It was a little bit of a puzzle for me that there was no sign that predators could have made that kill. However it seems like the two lionesses were well hidden in the bushes and after we left the came out for breakfast. During our drive back the same way, we saw the carcass again and that was when we saw this pride dragging the kill under the big led wood tree for some shade. It was a great morning that day.

Another frequent sighting is of nice big herds of buffalos coming close to camp down to the Msine river spring to drink, the last two days in the late afternoon I found a big herd of buffalos at the battlefield plains. Wild dog sightings seem to be seldom at the moment which is normal as we think they are denning now in well-hidden areas. The last sighting of the wild dogs was last month, and one female I might call the alpha female was pregnant, which is why we think they will be denning now. However I have that feeling we shall see them again soon.

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