Beho Beho Bushblog – Godlisten – 18th August

godlistenblogIt’s getting better and better as the grass is getting drier and drier everyday here in Selous, we are seeing a kill every day. Lion kill, Hyena kill, even a Monitor Lizard busy digging out Crocodile eggs around Lake Tagalala. Dry season is a good time for female crocodiles to lay their eggs on a sandbank, they lay anything from ten to fifty depend on their size and age, normally the temperature is what determines the sex of the hatchlings.


It’s normal to see Lions kill other animals like Wildebeest, Zebra and Buffalo, but it was different this time; one of our Lionesses was killed by a clan of Hyenas. Normally predators kill each other to reduce competition for their food but it is different for Hyenas as they kill other predators as food. With lots of Hyenas around the camp it makes the Lions life very hard as they scavenge Lion kills or even kill them.


We have different types of animals visit the camp every day, Hippo, Buffalo, Water-buck and Leopard come around looking for water, it’s lovely having your drink or meals and enjoying all this game right in the camp. The Msine valley is busy now with big herds of Buffalo and Wildebeest, we hope a pride of Lion will move in anytime soon.



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