Beho Beho Bushblog -Saningo – 18th July

saningoblogThe lion sightings have been seldom for a few weeks, which I felt was a bit odd. This situation can make sense though because the hunting areas for lion prides tend to occur around the permanent water courses especially in the bulk of the dry season. At the moment there are still a few water puddles all over and a lot of the puddles seem to be right in the thick forests where there are no roads to and this is maybe why we have not seen them. The general game has been very good and we have had some nice leopard sightings in the early evening at main camp before we migrate to our dinner venue. Breeding herds of elephants have been incredible with their youngsters, herds of buffaloes and zebras have also been prevalent. In the last few days lion sightings have increased, although some prides seems to be slightly shy, but it is still exciting to watch them from 15 metres away nevertheless.


The 12th July was among one of my most unique days as it’s my birthday. That morning I went out on a drive and I was thinking that it would be so nice to have an incredible morning out, by seeing at least a lion pride or some of the secretive game like wild dogs or leopard, but unfortunately it didn’t happen, although the rest of game was very active and we saw two big bull hippos on the shores of the lake, nice numbers of giraffe and other general game that made that morning active. There were nice fresh lion tracks that gave me hope of seeing them but that didn’t happen.
Later that afternoon during our cake time I found Tricia, Nico and the kitchen team had done a really great job organizing my birthday cake, I felt very thankful, and it was a great surprise to me. The next morning as I went out on drive, full of joy as I drove toward the roller coaster was where we saw this nice pride of lions up the little hill looking down towards a little water puddle, as we watched, we saw some zebra coming to drink, so I drove so I couldn’t bother the lions hunting attempt and so we went to the opposite side so we could see the lions and zebra together, it was more open making it easy for the zebra to see the lions from a distance, but they only saw the lions after they drank and walked away. This time they were lucky.





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1 Response to Beho Beho Bushblog -Saningo – 18th July

  1. Sarah Bailey says:

    Saningo, Happy Birthday !

    Your photos are lovely…….have you got a new camera? These ones are very beautiful especially the lioness. There is a sort of dreamy content about them.

    Love to everyone and hope to see you soon
    Mama B.

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