Beho Beho Bushblog – Heribert – 11th July


New life, new life indeed. It has been a while since I last blogged, and I must say I have missed sharing with you all what has been happening with my life and the life of the animals that I love dearly.


First it is my hope that all are well, those that I have met and shared experiences in the Selous and those that follow these blogs and hopefully plan to come and experience this God given gift to all mankind.


I have been away from the Selous for a little over six months, as exciting as it was to start a new life I missed dearly my family at Beho Beho. As we all know I got married in August and that came with need to change my lifestyle. It has been a great life as a family, and the excitement goes on as in August we are expecting a new member in our family. Can’t wait to welcome our little baby.


But.. I am back at Beho Beho and it hasn’t disappointed me one bit. The beauty and abundance of wildlife herein, the spectacular sceneries, the exclusivity that is hard to find anywhere else and most of all the family atmosphere at Beho Beho itself.


It’s been three weeks since I got back and I must say it was great to meet the animals that I knew, those that I saw as little calves, cubs or puppies, grown and proudly living free in this vast wilderness. Some have perished and some are new all in all it has reminded me well of that circle of life I loved talking about. The first old friend I met is “Fred”(the resident bushbuck), he is all grown up now with impressive horns and a healthy body, I was glad that he hasn’t forgotten me and was just as relaxed as he was when he was a little bambi. I still haven’t met the “Titan”, I am told he is still around and even bigger, can’t wait to meet this elephant. Although a little worried, I still have hope for the famous musketeers, we all remember that we lost one of the three a few years back and the other two brothers went on well. Since the start of this season no one has seen the two brothers. Saning’o says he saw three males from what we called the black panthers pride chasing them around towards the end of last season. Is it that the big boys have come to the end of their reign? Or are they still around just exploring new territories? I sure hope they are well and that I get to see them again.


I have already done a handful of walks and as always they have delivered or should I say have met my expectations and those that I was with. I must say however, the last rainy season came with a surprise and changed a lot of the topography, river banks have been washed down forcing us to develop new walking trails, vegetation has taken over and this makes for quite interesting walks, this adds a little bit more fun and adrenaline as we traverse through this magnificent unspoilt wilderness. I was very happy a few days ago when I walked up to a leopard, it was a brief encounter but that made my day. Elephants as always add more excitement; buffalo are never too far behind making the whole experience a cup full to the brim.


As things settle down and water slowly becoming that precious commodity, I believe this season will be great with amazing sightings and hopefully more lions will show up. I am saying this because over the last two weeks we have been struggling a little bit to find these magnificent creatures.

I will as I always do share with you all the experiences here in the great Selous game reserve and the fun that the Beho Beho family is made of. Until next time, come on, come all let us share this wonder, there is time and we are here.




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