Beho Beho Bushblog – Saningo – 29th June


I am happy to be updating everybody on what is happening in the bush again. As the season is getting into gear the sightings seem to be very good, the general game is spread out over the plains and is quite active as the days are relatively cool and we are having quite a few overcast days. As mentioned in the previous blog a pack of Wild Dogs were found in the morning and the guests really wanted to go back to that sighting with the hopes of seeing them a bit more active. I drove straight there and found them where Roel said they would be, still lying down in the shade as it was still a bit early and warm. As the sun was going down and it cooled off a bit the pack started to get active with greeting each other. Soon after the greeting ceremony they went off jogging on the edge of the Beho Beho forest and the Little Serengeti. I decided to drive in the open area and shadow them waiting for them to spot or spook potential prey. Not too long after a bunch of impalas exploded from the tree-line with two of the Wild Dogs in pursuit. I tried to follow but had to give up as these animals can run way faster than we can drive safely through rough terrain, unfortunately we had to give up the chase. Nevertheless it was interesting and exciting to see the behaviour of both predator and prey as they interact.

Normally we do not receive any rain in June but this month we have had several showers coming over. This means that the bush still looks greener than usual and that there are still puddles of water available throughout the reserve. The animals can thus still be spread out a bit more and do not yet have to walk to and from the perennial water sources which allow us to see nice congregations of game all over.

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