Beho Beho Bushblog – Roel – 27th June


And so my new adventure at Beho Beho continues, we are getting busier now as the season wears on and get to go out and see the reserve with our guests. The other morning I went out with Richard and Janice to see what was happening towards an area we call “Little Serengeti”. Along the way we had beautiful sightings in the golden morning light of buffalo bulls and all the general game. As we got to the start of the Little Serengeti I heard a commotion behind us and stopped and shut off the vehicle. There were some elephants going crazy in the bush behind us near the Beho Beho riverbed. Generally this sort of “crazy” elephants display when they get disturbed by predators like Wild Dogs or Leopard. We went off in the general direction of the sounds but not too close as the Elephants were already upset enough. Unfortunately we were blocked by a drainage-line that was too deep for us to cross. After a short wait we decided to move on and see what was happening elsewhere.

On the way back to camp, after a stunning drive over the plains and breakfast under a large Baobab, we drove past the spot we had heard the Elephants from earlier. So, I kept my eyes open to see if I could see any sign of what had upset them. A couple of seconds later I spotted something lying on a termite mount in the distance and a quick look with the binoculars confirmed a single Wild Dog lying down. Of course the excitement levels on the vehicle went through the roof upon finding one of the rarest large predators in the world. Next to that both Richard and Janice had never seen Wild Dog before on any of their trips. As we drove closer more and more heads popped up until we could count about 12 dogs. It being a bit later in the morning they were mostly hidden in the foliage of a bush, but we could see that some of them had had a good meal. We left them like that but I made sure to mark the spot where they were so that whoever would take the afternoon drive could find them again and spend some more time with these fascinating creatures.

27061 27062 27063

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