Beho Beho Bushblog – Roel – 16th June

roelblogI have been working in the Selous for just over a month now and I am loving it. The first month or so was spent mostly in camp to get it ready for the new season, with little time to get out and explore my new home. From the beginning of June, we have had guests in camp and I have been shadowing activities with the other guides to learn the area and the roads. During these times I have been awed by the stunning scenery we get to traverse and the variation of it. We have seasonal rivers (surrounded by thick forest), lakes and wide open plains. This all with a backdrop of mountains on the one side and vast lowlands on the other.

The wildlife has been stunning, but most memorable was a sighting I had the other day. I was driving in the early morning and we were just enjoying the sights and sounds of the bush when I heard the sound of excited hyena in the distance. We, of course, went to investigate. As we got closer I noticed four lions surrounded by about 15 hyenas, the lions were feeding and the hyenas were calling for more support. As the lions were feeding one of the males took off with the forequarters and left the rest a bit scattered. The hyenas, more than 20 by this time, took the opportunity to harass the lions individually and successfully took over the scraps they were feeding on. After that the hyenas all ganged up against the last lion with the most meat and attacked him, pushing him off his breakfast. This all comes with an amazing array of sounds from both the lions and hyenas.


I know from experience that sightings like this are not an everyday occurrence, but it is a good start and holds promise for the rest of the season.


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