Beho Beho Bushblog – Saningo – 13th June


It has been a while since my last blog as we were in off season and spending time with our families during our long leave time, which was a fun time. I have been missing the exciting sightings of being out in the Selous though. During May we have been preparing the camp for the opening of the new season and while we were eager to start it, time doesn’t stay still and we had plenty to do, we finally got to the start of the new season and it seems to have started so well.

One morning, after some paper work in the office and some other duties in the camp, including walking around the staff camp and doing some checks, I finally got the chance and drove toward the airstrip which is just a few minutes from camp. As I was driving I saw some vultures roosting up in the trees, and as I looked down was when I caught a glimpse of two Leopards, I couldn’t tell whether it was a cub and mother in the first glance, but lucky I was by myself and I didn’t really want to bother them as they tend to be shy, so I drove back to camp to grab a huge camera lens from Phil, then we drove back with Tricia, who being a good photographer would be able to get a good shot of these Leopards It was a great morning sighting although there were no guests were with us, as they were out on a morning walk. They did manage to head out directly after their walk and catch a quick glimpse as well.

This sighting made my start of the new season so good, but it didn’t end there. The next morning on a drive we also had a nice sighting of lions with a giraffe kill, it was such an active morning with the lions protecting their kill from Hyenas and vultures, but the kill was in the sun, and the lions wanted to shelter under the shade of the trees. When the lions walked to the shade it allowed the vultures to start to land and scavenge from the carcass, but then suddenly the lions chased them, not ready to give it up just yet, at one point a lion almost caught one of the vultures as shown in one of my photos.

The landscape is also looking stunning at the moment as the green is fading slowly and turning to the golden brown scenery, and the entire general game is quite active on the plains areas as well.

13061 13062 13063 13064



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2 Responses to Beho Beho Bushblog – Saningo – 13th June

  1. John Gray says:

    Hi Saningo,

    Thanks for the blog, nice inquisitive leopard picture!

    Best wishes,

    John Gray

  2. Fadhili Saning'o says:

    welcome John!

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