Beho Beho Bushmail – End of Season 2015/16

Sitting here at the long table with Christopher’s Baobab and the Selous landscape as a backdrop, it is the first time I have really sat and thought of the season as a whole. It is drawing to a close now and it really has been a season to remember, a season of big events. There has been fun, laughter, tears and of course spectacular wildlife!


It started with the beautiful wedding of Karin and Walter, a celebration we shall always remember. The happy couple joined by their family, friends and their Beho Beho family, gathered together under an old fig tree in the forest to celebrate their love. It was a prestigious start to the season and we all threw ourselves into the busy season on a high.


With lots of guests in camp and plenty of time being spent out in the wilderness in search of our wild friends, the time flew by and suddenly it was time for Heribert to fly off to marry his sweetheart, Rita, in Arusha. We in Beho Beho gave a big cheer upon receiving the first picture from Heribert of himself with his beautiful bride.


Then it was time for Walter and Karin to leave us and Beho Beho after 5 happy years as managers, new horizons beckoned and a new challenge at the new company property: Les Hauts de Montagu in the Western Cape. And time for myself and Tricia to step up into the overall management of Beho Beho. It was a time we had looked forward to, but it was also bittersweet and very sad to say goodbye to our friends. We miss the fun and laughter we shared with Karin and Walter.


Mother Nature also had some big events for us though and the bush burned in great swathes, leaving behind a blackened and baked landscape. It was after one such bush fire that Godlisten and his guests had a wonderful sighting, the holy grail of game sightings – a Pangolin!! The first we know of out of Beho Beho and the sort of sight that may only happen once in a guide’s career.



The dry season extended well into November. Lakes dried up, water was scarce and to get to it would mean the animals would have to run the risk of getting stuck in the thick cloying mud of the lake bed. The predators (especially the lions) had a field day and the harsh side to the African savannah was stark to see.


And then eventually the rain came and it came in earnest, lightening crackled all around, rivers burst their banks, the valleys in front of camp were no longer plains but awash with heavily flowing water, hippos stood on higher ground balefully staring at their once stagnant pools from a distance. But once the drama was over and the flood waters abated, it left behind the promise of new life. It never ceases to amaze how quickly the bush comes alive following one of these events and the speed at which the landscape becomes an emerald green, the animals’ struggles to find food and water over. It’s a wonderful time to be in the bush!

155 156

We had a wonderful Christmas, full of festive fun and fantastic game sightings with some wild dogs spotted between Christmas and New Year.


It has been said that there must be something in the air at Beho Beho and I think that must be true, as on a short break to Zanzibar in January, I asked Tricia to marry me and she happily said yes!!


January and February brought more rains but game sightings remained good with our guests seeing wild dogs on a number of occasions and the black panther pride of lions played a starring role being seen on numerous kills. Tagalala trips brought new sightings of the Humblots Heron – the first in over a year- and in the last couple of day we have seen a lioness with small cubs out by Christopher’s baobab.


As we pack away camp and ready ourselves for departure on our holidays, we would like to thank you all for sharing in these memories, and for becoming part of our family at Beho Beho and leaving your mark on our history.


Until June, when we start the new season we send you all our best wishes


Phil, Tricia, Godlisten, Saningo, Heribert and the entire Beho Beho family.



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7 Responses to Beho Beho Bushmail – End of Season 2015/16

  1. Sarah Bailey says:

    How wonderful and romantic! Congratulation to you both and may you have an exciting, adventurous HAPPY and fun life together!
    Love from
    Mama B

  2. Autumn Arranz says:

    To everyone at Beho Beho, thank you for a magical 3 days!! Sundowners with wild dogs, a morning game drive with Titan, daily escorts with carmine bee-eaters, breakfast by the lake, lions on a giraffe kill and such great hosts and guiding!!! I cannot wait to come back!

  3. Nina Driver says:

    Phil and Tricia – we are so happy to hear your news – Congratulations! Wishing you a future of happiness, health and love together. Lots of love, Nina and Tom xxx

  4. Reading your bush mail brings tears to my eyes every time, remembering this most beautiful place and wonderful people, it’s now 1 1/2 years that we visited and we’ll never forget it! Wondering if the elephant is still walking thru – by the pool when we were there ? How I wish it were closer to California! All our best to you all!!!

  5. Sarah Bailey says:

    Tricia, would you let me have a copy of the superb photo you took of the Baobob at sunset?

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