Beho Beho Bush Blog – Saningo – 1st March


I can’t believe that the 2015 – 2016 season has gone already, time really flies by so quickly, but it has been such a great season from the start to the end. In-terms of game, every season is a little bit different from the others, we still see the same game occurring all over, but we are always seeing it in a different way, as I recall, when we started the season the wild dogs had hardly been seen, but before the first rains started in the October the wild dogs started appearing often, which are really amongst the unique animals of the Selous Game Reserve, I was so excited the moment when they started appearing because it seemed like they were in a well-hidden den beforehand. The new puppies were more skittish from vehicles, but then time after time as we were encountering them they started getting used to the vehicles and getting more habituated, making for great viewings.


Elephants this season have been our most seen animals as usual around our immediate area, obviously in the bulk of the dry season they were pretty much all around camp, as we’re close to a nice river system which has enough foliage and water for them.


Leopard this season have been the most secretive, although we still had a few sightings of very calm leopards. It has been a very successful season for lions and we have named some of the prides, Black Panther has been a very successful pride this season, while the old Bibi pride has kind of disappeared. The rest of the general game has been so incredible, from the peak of the dry time the nice congregation of game along the water courses to the beginning of the rainy season when the whole herds of game started spreading out all over the plains areas. The scenery is always stunning this time of the year, nice and green with lots of migratory birds. It was a special season as we had a good start with our lovely managers getting married here at the camp and it was a nice Beho Beho family celebration for their wedding, and then a few months later our guide Heribert also got married, although his wedding was in town, but it has still been a special season.

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1 Response to Beho Beho Bush Blog – Saningo – 1st March

  1. Albertini KATHLAINE says:

    Each time it’s a real pleasure to read and see the beautiful pictures. Thank you so much.

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