Beho Beho Bushblog – Saningo – 9 February


All the talk at the moment is about the continuous rains, the land is also getting more and more green and the forest also more dense, making the scenery stunning, the weather has also been great as there is not much humidity and it is cooler compared to the last few months before the rains started. Having all this environmental change has also made the game viewing really good on the plains areas.

It has made it easy to track the animals, as the soil is well soaked and it is possible to tell the age of the animal track – last week as I was driving towards Tagalala lake, when I found the fresh tracks of lions facing in the direction we were heading, as I turn to my guests and pointed out these tracks, I was able to tell them how recent it was, and then, in the next few minutes, as we carried on driving down our route, we fortunately found the pride we were following, which was a great encounter.

The big game is also occurring on the plains areas in large numbers, and they are looking healthier now. The hippopotamus seem to be so happy for this time of rains as we see them quite often outside of the water for almost the whole day as it’s not really that sunny with the overcast weather and little drizzles.


In terms of migratory birds this is the actual time for bird watching, northern carmine bee-eaters have been so active following the car while driving in the plains areas, another peculiar migratory bird, which I have never got close to, to take a picture (but I was lucky this time) is the Madagascar heron (Humblots heron) it’s a very unique bird, as apparently it seems like it’s the only one in East Africa, I am so pleased that the guest I had that day were really eager to see this heron, and finally at the time we got to the lake we fortunately found it.


Now is also the time when we enjoy a few little adventurous moments, as rains keep raining the soil gets soggy and crossing the low lying places is a bit tricky and fun, some sticky moments occur and unfortunately I am the one who got stuck two times, poor me, but all seems to be fun as it is an adventurous moment!

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