Beho Beho Bushblog – Phil – 25th January


International airports always have a buzz of activity around them. It shouldn’t surprise you that Beho Beho’s international terminal is quite the same.


There is always something going on at Beho Beho airstrip and the Beho Beho international terminal building.


It is the first place most guests see when they arrive. But quite apart from air traffic (not that its a very busy airspace), there is always something going on down at the airstrip.


On every drive out of Beho Beho we head from camp, past the airstrip before radiating off in different directions in search of the day’s adventure. So active is the area that our guests often ask “I wonder what will be on the airstrip today”.


On occasion it happens that the first hour or more of the game drive flies by without even getting to the end of the runway!


Giraffes, impalas, ground hornbills and warthog are the most frequently seen animals there, and if you are lucky you might even get a prolonged view of our famous female warthog, Tina Turner (it’s the hair!), whom seems to have grown so used to the vehicles passing by that she totally ignores us and the paparazzi in the back snapping away.


Zebra and waterbuck are also regular visitors, as are the always fun to watch hyena. It’s not unusual to watch a hyena ambling across the strip watched suspiciously by all the plains game close by.


Then sometimes we get really lucky. Wild dogs love our airstrip! There is just so much game to hunt in and around that area that when we do see the dogs it is often in this area, and nothing is safe if they are around, with them often inquisitive of the car too!


So ours is a busy airport, what with plains animals and birds, and the odd practice session of the staff Beho Beho football team. Recently it hosted a revival of the Beho Beho Running Club, made up of 5 brave members: Sonia, Simon and Oscar of the Bamford family, Philip van der Hurk and Tricia, who braved the heat of the midday sun to run lengths of the strip whilst I drove slowly behind.

2501161 2501163 2501164 2501165


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