Beho Beho Bushblog – Godlisten – 21st January


There are amazing sightings everyday here in Beho Beho, with Lion, Elephants, Wild Dogs and general game hanging around our areas everyday. We do say that Beho Beho is a special camp because you can stay in your room and have attractive natural scenery and game moving on the beautiful planes in front of your Banda. Lion roaring, Hyena whopping and Hippo laughing is our music every night, early morning birds will sing for you which means a new day has already started.


I had an amazing sight of Dogs two weeks ago on my way to Lake Tagalala, it is nice to watch them playing with their puppies. I was worried because when they disappear it can take some time for them to show up again, but we are lucky because they moved closer to the camp and so far have spent almost three days with us. We hope they will spend more and more days around our area. Yesterday I saw them trying to hunt Impala, unfortunately they miss it. Though Dogs are better at hunting than Lions and Leopards sometimes they do miss. It is lovely to watch their preparation before a hunt, rolling in Elephant dung, that is a first thing they do to make it difficult for prey to pick up their scent.


Another sight was Hyena, we saw them finishing up a Wildebeest. It is funny to watch how they can break bones very easy with their strong jaws and how noisy they are. It is amazing how Hyena hide their food in water making it difficult for other scavengers to find it.


It has rained and very is green everywhere now which makes it delivery time for a lot of animals. It is a good time to see baby animals from Impala, Giraffe, Wildebeests, Warthogs and Zebra.


Beho Beho International is one of the busiest airstrips in Selous as the game likes to move around it; yesterday I saw Giraffe and Elephant having a good time close to our little hut.


From December to February it’s a good time for birding, because there are a lot of migratory birds which come to Selous. European Rollers, Broad-Billed Rollers, Northern Carmine Bee-eaters, European Bee-Eaters, White Storks and many others.

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