Beho Beho Bushblog – Saningo – 8th January


Happy New Year! It has been a great ending of 2015 and superb start of 2016 in-terms of game activities; this includes game drives, walking and boating. The actual last day of 2015 I went out on a boating excursion to Lake Tagalala, we started early morning taking a casual drive heading towards the lake, actually there was enough normal game to make the drive very active and exciting, and the scenery was stunning as its green all over the plains areas and the riverine forests were becoming dense. As we were enjoying the general game viewing and bird watching we suddenly encountered a pack of 14 wild dogs, this really made my day so special as I knew it’s not often we get to see them, they were so active in the morning as well, because of the still cool weather and nice overcast sky. We watched them for about 40minutes and afterwards we went to the Lake for a bit of boating, it was a great day out as our last day of 2015. The second day of 2016 was another unique day as we were close to the prime male lion of the area roaring close to us, as he was trying to find a new pride which was replying back roaring in the far distance, it’s something I have never seen before, I have been hearing lions roaring may be 300mts away or growling to each other while feeding on their kill, but never a serious calling like that we heard today, it was also a big excitement for my guests to see that, the day was more or less like a lion day out, but the of course vast herds of other game was incredible too. Bird watching is great now too as we are starting to have more migrant birds like European rollers, and storks, and then there is the stunning carmine bee-eater that tends to fly alongside the jeep as you drive because as we spook the insects from the ground the Carmines can catch them.

Each time of the year the Selous has its unique feel and sightings, as in a bulk of the dry period we tend to see many animals at the same place, mostly around the water courses, while for now we see the entire game well spread out all over the plains areas, the scenery is beautiful, although the weather is a bit humid, but as we are now having some rains every now and then, the weather suddenly changes and becomes a bit cooler as rains come through.


These continuing rains makes all the grazing animals look nice and healthy and some have started calving, wildebeest are the ones we see now often with their new calves which are very cute, but they have to be careful of the waiting predators!

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1 Response to Beho Beho Bushblog – Saningo – 8th January

  1. Sarah Bailey says:

    So jealous of all these lovely sightings. Happy New Year to you all. Mama B

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