Beho Beho Bushblog – Saningo – 30th November


As we keep witnessing the scenery changing from the dry landscape turning to green after the beginning of the first rains, we also now see some animals that had been so seldom seen throughout the year and are now occurring frequently, like the wild dogs. It was a luck day when I came across this pack of 18 wild dogs, early in the morning as I started heading towards the little swamp called Nyamiruba, the actual normal game has changed pretty much, as we used to drive toward the lakes and permanent swamps, as most animals are daily water dependent, so it has been easy to have great sightings along the water courses, but now it  has changed a little bit as there is enough water puddles all over the plains areas, so we now see the game is more widespread all over the plains, but not in big numbers as we would see forming in the dry season, when they go toward the water courses. It was a very lucky day  this day for us, as I noticed the first indicator for the sign of wild dogs existence in the area was vultures, as I saw them near the road swooping down, and so I drove toward where they were landing and that was when I saw an impala carcass and as I looked around to see what would have killed it, was when I saw wild dogs tracks. So that sign made me start looking around, it took me a little while to find them, and I was almost about to give up and start driving back to camp, but fortunately before we got too far from the place we were thinking they might be, we saw them. It was a great excitement for my guest as it was his first time to see wild dogs, it was a great sighting because they were relaxed and wallowing in a little water puddle, the youngsters were very active as they were playing and chasing tree shadows.


It turned into more or less like a wild dog week, I would say, as after the first  day, we saw them again the next morning as we were heading out, early in the morning close to Selous grave we saw another pack of 16 wild dog, and so we followed them as they were pretty active, I followed them all the way back towards Beho Beho Airstrip, by the time we got to the runway some of the dogs were already far ahead chasing impalas, and then suddenly we saw that some were coming towards the runway with nice chunks of meat, they made a kill that morning.


As we are witnessing this general game changes as well, lions who been so active and occurring often, at this time they are a little bit secretive, however it was still a good morning as we started out from camp. It was before we started heading out was when I heard this prime male lion roaring just in front of the camp, so as I grabbed my pair of binoculars was

when I saw him close to the big baobab tree. When the guests arrived from their Banda’s we straight away headed towards the lion, it was a great morning sighting with beautiful sunlight, in the distance we were still able to see the camp, the other general majority of game was giraffes, and elephants which were such a great sighting, and finally a few days ago, on my afternoon out on a drive, and after the sun-downer, when I was driving back to camp, right close to Selous grave, was when we saw this young beautiful leopard. It was just after  the sun went down, but at least the light was still perfect for the sighting, it was such a calm little leopard, relaxing up in the tree. These recent sightings were incredible, especially for the wild dogs who sometimes disappear for a long while in to the stunning landscape.

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1 Response to Beho Beho Bushblog – Saningo – 30th November

  1. Sarah Bailey says:

    Oh, Saningo! You are a lucky chap to have such amazing sightings and so many……..
    Love to everyone
    Mama B

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