Beho Beho Bushblog – Saningo – 26 October


The nature is pretty active in our immediate area and has been fair to me in my last few days in camp before I go home for my off-days, offering me and my colleagues an evening of excitement with a great sighting of Lion attempting to catch a buffalo right front of the camp during our dinner time, although that lion didn’t make a kill as the buffalo was more brave as he fought back and that made the lioness give up, but the sighting was so great, the guests enjoyed it so much.

From the lioness attempting to hunt, the buffaloes ran away but the lions were just lying down near by our dinner table. Hippopotamus were also coming and going to the waterhole, it was such an active night, and finally as we finish our dinner and after night caps in the cozy seats in the lounge, I walked the guests to their Banda’s and we left the pride of lion still lying down close to the waterhole, but after a little while when everybody was already in house, the lions started calling, which was so nice to hear them calling close by, they were roaming around the camp and down to the Msine valley the whole night.

The next morning as I woke up early at dawn to pack up my jeep ready for a morning drive and was waiting for the guests to come to the main lounge, i saw a little herd of buffalo the other side of the valley chasing two lionesses, so it was a good start already. When the guests came I showed them the action, although the lions were already a bit far from the buffaloes, so after a few minutes we started heading out on our drive, my game plan was to drive toward Nyamiruba swamp, which has nice bird-life at the moment. As I drove to the quarry right at the end of Beho Beho airstrip, we encountered the big prime elephant bull who we call Titan, he was walking toward the camp, so as usual to respect his peace and quiet I turned off my engine, to let the guest enjoy the sighting, then after a few minutes, I heard wild dogs calling on the other side of the little gully, so we excuse ourselves to the elephant and headed to where the dogs were calling, it was a little fortunately that we found them. When we arrived they were relaxing, which gave me a chance to call back to camp, so that Phil could drive the guests who were leaving that morning to come and have a quick look, luckily they also got to see them but as Phil arrive they were already on the move, but gladly they also got a chance of seen them. My game plan was still to head toward Nyamiruba swamp, so after the wild dog sighting I drove all the way to Nyamiruba, it was a bit quiet on the way, but by the time I got close to the swamp, the game sightings started to pick up and become so nice and active. We came across a big troop of baboons, and one hyena sleeping in a nice sandy little gully, and finally there was a great Kudu harem with a nice big prime male. It was one of the highlights of the day after the dogs, they were so calm, and close, we spent about 30minutes with them, until finally they crossed a little gully that I couldn’t cross, so we went straight to the swamp. It was such a peaceful place with no other vehicles around, just full of birds and antelopes on the other side. Certainly that drive would be among the unique especially for me who is looking forward to fly out soon and see my wife and boys, but what a way to end my work cycle –  lions hunting at the camp, wild dogs after they have been absent for almost two months, and a nice herd of kudu, it was incredible. Hopefully the game will be as great when I get back from leave.

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