Foodie blog – Tricia – 25 September


Leaving a Legacy


I remember my jaw nearly hitting the floor the first time I had a pistachio macaron at tea time in Beho Beho. It was exactly how I’d experienced them in Paris – a crisp yet airy shell stuffed with a firm ganache bursting with pistachio flavour. Bliss.


Karin had told me about the macaron trials before finally getting them just right. They can be a challenge to make in most kitchens. Attempting it here with Selous’ consistently warm temperatures and high humidity should have made it nearly impossible. But with a lot of persevereance Karin, Mr Godfrey and Mr Jimmy found the knack to make an incredible macaron in the bush.


When Phil and I were travelling in Vancouver BC a few years back we came across a wonderful tea and macaron shop after visiting Stanley Park. It was the first place I’d seen so many exotic flavours: passion fruit, earl grey, crème brulee, and matcha green tea macarons remembering a few. There were so many to choose from we bought a box of 12 and no two were the same. Ah, I digress.


After looking for ideas for new macaron recipes to try, I found one incorporating cinnamon, cloves and ginger – Zanzibar and a wonderful half day spice tour come to mind. So today was our inaugural attempt of the Zanzibar Spice Macaron at tea time, and it is definitely one we will add to our recipe book. Thank you to Karin, Mr Godfrey and Mr Jimmy for never giving up on perfecting the macaron at Beho Beho. What a scrumptious legacy to leave behind!



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