Beho Beho Bushblog – Saningo – 24 September

saningoblogWe are certainly now in the dry season, but nature has learnt to adapt to these changes in season. Its truly amazing to watch as the season and scenery changes, so too does nature. Like at this time we are in the dry season most of the game are around the water sources, as most of them are water dependant. Although other animals can find other ways to get water, instead of travelling toward the lake or permanent river and springs, an elephant, for instance can dig a hole in the place where the water table is high, like the bend in a sand river. Once this dug out water hole has been established some of other animals might use it, like baboon and birds, even leopard can also have a sip. One of my great mornings out on a drive, when I was driving back to camp and had this Leopard sitting in the branch of the tree nearby the road. The leopard was so calm, that guests had a nice time with it, and slowly it hopped down and walked in front of the car. That morning was a fantastic morning. A few mornings later, there was a great morning at our Beho Beho international Airstrip as there was a big male Lion nearby, although the guests didn’t see this lion because they were on the plane already to take off.

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