Beho Beho Bushblog – Saningo – 7th Aug

saningoblogIt is drying out quickly now here in the Selous Game Reserve, and only a few permanent water courses remain with water. This situation is now resulting in the plains game forming in big congregations close to these remaining resources, as a lot of these animals are dependent on drinking water on a daily basis. We are lucky in that we are in a good location having a permanent natural spring down in the Msine river nearby camp, this is making our immediate area quite a busy spot.


Yesterday we set off on a drive and we didn’t have to go far, as close to our Airstrip was when the excitement started, as we saw a pride of 5 lions. Some of the prides in our area we have named so we can pass information easier between us guides and the guests of the pride dynamics and movements in the area we doing our activities in, the pride we saw here yesterday was Bibi Pride.


After the guests had some time to enjoy the lion siting, I drove down towards the Battlefield, where we also saw a nice herd of Wildebeest, Impalas, and few Warthogs in the distance, all the animals were heading towards the Msine River spring, the one close to camp, it was so nice to watch the wildebeest playing and enjoying their morning by chasing each other and play fighting. Then later on as I was heading towards the Lake Tagalala was when I also saw a big herd of Buffalos nearby the lake. In the late afternoon as I was driving towards the Sundowner spot we also saw a nice congregation of Giraffes at the Airstrip, it was a wonderful day.

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