Beho Beho Bushblog – Saningo – 17th June


The animals in the Selous are congregating in the open areas as there are still puddles of water around. The amount of general game starts near camp and extend through to our normal game drive areas, which tend to be be Lake Manze, Tagalala and Nyamiruba Swamp. This morning I planned to head to Nyamiruba Swamp, on the way the number of Zebra, Impala, Giraffe and Baboon were incredible. The guests could not believe the number of animals we were seeing or how many different species we saw in the same area. As we arrived at Nyamiruba Swamp that is where I saw the king of beasts, Lions, six adults and one cub. We spent some time with them before heading off for some breakfast and returning again.  When we returned we watched one of the lionesses try to stalk an old buffalo bull. He was wise to this and started to run away. It was quite a funny sight as he was in the swamp and he was running through the thick mud with his tail up and lifting his hooves high as he danced away. It is always a great day for us guides when we see our guests thoroughly enjoying their day out. We had a fantastic day from sunrise to sunset.

1706151 1706152 1706153


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1 Response to Beho Beho Bushblog – Saningo – 17th June

  1. Darlene Knott says:

    Good photos, Saningo! I wish we were there!!

    Life is a gift. Don’t forget to open it!


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