Beho Beho Bushblog – Walter – 15th of June


The season began with a bang. Karin and I got married right here at Beho Beho, which I’m sure you will read lots about. All I can say is that there is absolutely no other place I would rather have wanted to tie the knot at, and with no one other than Karin. A relationship which started 5 years back in the northern Kruger National Park in South Africa, leading our paths together to Beho Beho, and it has been now over 4 years in the Selous GR, a place we both have grown to love very dearly and with the Beho Beho team that has become our second family.

So with the start of the season, some great finds to add to our Beho Beho biodiversity list, some are new insects, amphibians and reptiles.

One of the insects we have added is a beautiful species of Common Mantid, unfortunately no common name for it, but to bore you a little its proper name is Polyspilota aeruginosa. This spectacular specie of mantid, has bright blue raptorial front legs, and can put on a threatening display, warding off any predator. Mantids are incredible hunters themselves, and ambush their prey, using the front legs to capture its victim, before devouring it.



Another stunning addition is the Bold Skimmer, this is an incredibly difficult group of dragonflies to tell apart, as you can only differentiate different members by the adult male genitalia structure, which is called the hamule. This immature male however has a brilliant colouration of green and black, with some yellow, but once adult the skimmer males turn a greyish blue.



From insect life to those with webbed feet, this warty character is an East African Puddle Frog, seriously tiny, but identified by the characteristic chevron like ridges running from behind the eye to the shoulder. We found him jumping around the back of the office, a species I have seen at the springs between Little Kipalala and Kipalala hills, but it was great to actually be able to get some good images of it.



Then the last addition for this blog was a reptile which was found whilst cleaning out the rooms, Tricia brought it to the office in a Kilimanjaro water bottle and it turned out to be, and quite aptly named, a Long tailed Skink, a specie I haven’t yet seen.

1506154 1506155


The aim is to try and find, ID as many different species in our area of operation, from dragonflies to butterflies, from different small mammals to frogs and reptiles, and also included is the different plants. Quite the undertaking, but it is always great to try and see what there is to discover on our normal bush activity routes, we also encourage you as guests to help us find interesting little critters on your visits with us here at Beho Beho.


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3 Responses to Beho Beho Bushblog – Walter – 15th of June

  1. Darlene Knott says:

    Congrats Walter and Karin! Wishing you both the very best! Interesting photos of your insects! Darlene and Mark Knott

    Life is a gift. Don’t forget to open it!


  2. Congratulations Walter and Karin!

  3. Dave Mitchell says:

    Congratulations on your wedding, sorry we missed you in March. Will possibly try June next year.

    With kind regards,

    Dave Mitchell.

    T. 044 534 8652

    C. 082 446 4669


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