Beho Beho Bushmail – End of Season 2014/15

Well here we are, another season over and what a season it has been!

The excitement started even before we had opened up to guests when late one afternoon as we were busy working on getting camp ready for opening, Phil spotted a Rhino out at the base of Kipalala hill, beyond the prominent Tamarind Tree on the plains onto which we look out over from camp.

An extremely rare sighting here in Selous and so we decided this was a good omen for the season ahead.

And it has indeed been a fantastic season with some great sightings throughout.

Lion sightings this season have been dominated by the arrival of 4 new males on the scene. They came from the west at the height of the dry season, having never been seen before, they seem to like it here and have stuck around. Young but powerful they would definitely pose a threat to the remaining 2 of the 3 musketeers and they are not hiding either, being very vocal roaring all night on occasion. When they are around they really love to hang out around our Msine valley, Beho Beho camp and airstrip area. So we can expect more to come from them next season.


Bull elephants frequenting camp often have provided us with fantastic experiences, sitting in the comfort of the camp and having one of these magnificent beasts approach close by to peacefully feed on the surrounding vegetation is a real privilege and then to watch them happily douse themselves with water from our waterhole revelling in the cool water is magical.

We have enjoyed some great birding throughout, with early sightings of our Humblots Heron at the regular Heronry on one shoreline of Lake Tagalala, a chick was viewed too, could our Humblots Heron be Hybridizing with a grey Heron?

We will be trying to gather some more info on that in the new season.

More recently we have had a delightful array, of migratory birds, the star of which remain the ever popular Northern Carmine Bee-eaters who’s antics following the vehicles catching insects that we disturb is an experience which never gets old.

Around the seasonal pans at this time of year, we sometimes get lucky and spot the uncommonly seen Greater Painted Snipe, of which the female has the more impressive plumage as this species is polyandrous with females attracting a mate and males looking after the eggs and chicks.

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Wild Dog sightings have been frequent at the beginning of the season and at end of the season, with a period in middle of the season where they were nowhere to be seen.

But the sightings we have had have been great. We have seen them on foot several times including some hunting Impala towards the walking party. And some nice long sightings from the vehicles during which we have been able to follow them and watch them hunt, play and even chase the odd hyena around.

A pack even came through camp last week and approached Banda 6 watched from their balcony by our delighted guests Dave and Carol.


We have enjoyed welcoming guests from all over the world this season and we would like to thank each and every one of you for coming to share in our little hidden corner of Africa, its been so much fun with lots of Birthdays and anniversaries celebrated, cocktail parties, themed dinners, adventurous nights in the treehouse and relaxed boating safari’s on Lake Tagalala. Wonderful sightings, shared with great people.

But now the rains are falling harder and more frequently, and with the Impala rams beginning to rut on the plains near the ancient Baobab it can only mean one thing, its time to pack everything up for a month or so and go on Holidays ourselves.

Our Employee of the Season this year goes to an unsung hero: Japhet Mbonde.

Not many of you will of met Japhet but he has worked tirelessly behind the scenes as part of the maintenance team, from setting up Bush dinners to making sure our vehicles are always looking shiny and ensuring we always have a healthy water supply in camp.

It is a bitter sweet end to the season because Japhet will be leaving the company this year, living so far away in Songea means often a 2 day journey home for Japhet and he has decided after over 8 years with the company to move back home to be closer to his family.

We wish him all the best and we will all miss him and remember him fondly.

Good luck Japhet.

We would like to wish everyone a happy Easter period and we will be back and ready to welcome you all in June.

All the best

Walter, Karin, Phil, Tricia, Heribert, Salum, Godlisten, Saning’O and the whole Beho Beho family

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11 Responses to Beho Beho Bushmail – End of Season 2014/15

  1. Brian Davis says:

    We so love hearing about all the wonderful happenings at Beho Beho as we had the most amazing time there in 2012. Hearing the news just makes us want to plan another visit.

  2. Stephen & Julie Housego says:

    Wonderful to hear the latest news. We stayed for our silver wedding in September 2012. There are not many days that we do not speak about Beho Beho. We were the very first people to stay in the Treehouse a fantastic experience.We will return

  3. Brian Robbins says:

    What a great report and update. It makes us jealous that we are not with you, but you are often in our thoughts. We discuss Beho Beho frequently and miss you all and all the wildlife. Have a good holiday period and we look forward to the next bush mail. Brian & Jo Robbins

  4. David James Ball says:

    the sighting of a rhino an amazing treat for all at Beho Beho. We’re planning our forth visit early next summer – keep the rhino there until then!

    David & Anna Ball

  5. Marlene Smart says:

    I have read every one of your newsletters since 2008 when my twin sister and our husbands visited Beho Beho and loved it. Keep it up. I think our age will be keeping us away in future but we do have the memories!

    • Sarah Bailey says:

      I am 82 and to have a helping hand getting to most places but Beho Beho seems to have many of those! Do not let age put you off. I was there a months in December and January and each day was a new adventure. I have never seen it more beautiful.nor more wildlife.

  6. Paul Leatherman says:

    What a wonderful joy I receive when reflecting on the very special time Carolyn and I had in March 2009. To see all the activity that is taking place at Beho Beho is great.
    We wish everyone continued success and be safe.

  7. This was our 6th trip to Africe, Oct. 2014 – 2nd to Tanzania – and your camp was the most beautiful, enjoyable one we have experianced. We do hope to come back to see you all, the camp and the great scenery, and hopefully the rino! Be well, take care all.

  8. Denise, Ruth &* Elizabeth says:

    I stayed (for a second time) with two of my daughters in October 2014 to celebrate my 60th birthday, having insisted on going back to Beho-Beho after my husband and I had been a few years before. The visit has left the three of us with lasting, happy memories and we shall all treasure them (and the photos) forever.

  9. arne maurits & vibeke nilsson martinsen says:

    Happy Eastern
    A Norwegian tradition is to travel after the snow during Eastern, meaning that a lot of families head for the moutains for the last skee trip of he year.
    Looking at the picetures brings us back to Beho Beho instantly. An amasing visit that we will always remember. If we go on a Safari again we know where to go.
    You talked about a visit to Norway. As discussed, please do not hesitate to contact us for advise or maybee a guided tour, without a big rifle, in Oslo.
    All the best, and again Thanks to all of you!
    Vibeke and Arne Maurits

  10. Neil and Pam Fenn says:

    We both wish you all a very happy holiday break, wherever this will take you. How we love getting your blogs, it carries us back to our wonderful stay at Beho Beho. We have definitely praised you all and the wonderful lodge to so many friends and hope some of them will make it to you in the future. Beho Beho is definitely a family and the welcome you offer your guests really does make us feel a part of that family during our stay and beyond. You do a wonderful job and enjoy your well deserved holiday. Love Neil and Pam Fenn

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