Beho Beho Bushblog – Saningo – 18th March


It saningobloghas been a great season. As we are heading to the end of it, we are still having a great finish to the season in terms of game drives.

Like what happened yesterday on our drive: it was a short drive out with a nice wild dog sighting at the battle field. They were very active; playing amongst themselves, and attempting to chase impala. Unfortunately for the dogs, they didn’t get an impala. But it was so much fun watching them attempt to catch them.  Our guests enjoyed that moment very much.

It was a quick sighting though, because behind us in the sky was a big dark cloud and it seemed as if it would rain soon. So after that wild dogs sighting we drove back to camp before the rain started, and luckily we got to camp in time.  I might say the bulk of the rainy season has begun, as we have seen it start to rain frequently since March 15th. The weather has been so nice as well, the rains having cooled it down.

And for the birding guests, this is a great time for them. I am glad that the guests we have now are so fond of birds, and they have seen two lifer birds with us this time. Their lifer birds were Rufus chatter and Bat hawk. It’s more than a pleasure for them to have the new birds, and the season is still going until March 21st, so we’re still looking forward if we can get few more birds in the list.


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