Beho Beho Bushblog – Heribert – 27th February


A lot has been happening since I last blogged. As one would expect the wild Selous never sleeps. Both the dry and the wet season bring one entertainment an education hard to get or experience elsewhere.


We have been fortunate around Beho Beho, there has been a great amount of general game, wildebeest, zebra, impala, giraffe and buffalo, eland and elephants all within a couple of minutes’ drive from the camp and some right around the bandas. Beautiful bull elephant’s right at our doorsteps, lion advertising their presence throughout the night claiming territory with the occasional leopard not left behind. About a week ago we had hunting dogs running about and causing havoc with the impala that reside by our airstrip.


I was particularly happy a few days ago to see a pride we call the phantoms, it consists of nine individuals, a big male, and an even bigger female, five sub adults and another two adult females. The most impressive of them all is one female, she literally dwarfs the male in charge of the pride, huge and proud and one can clearly see that she runs the show.

I have seen lions up on trees a couple of times, but the sighting I had recently was just incredible. Driving to Tagalala we found the black panthers pride, they were up and about so we parked pretty much in the direction they were walking to, next to the car was a wing pod tree and to our surprise a young female in the pride came up, looked at the tree and decided to climb, the first branch was about 3metres high, she made it look so easy as she then walked the length of this horizontal branch turned around and then jumped to the ground and joined the pride. This happened less than 15 metres from my vehicle and trust me a sighting doesn’t get better than this.


With all this, a friend of Walter’s called Andre who specializes on butterflies was in camp and I say must I was very happy to relight this candle that had blown of over the years. We went out and looked for butterflies and identified them, flame bordered charaxes, friars and many more to mention, this made me remember how much I actually enjoyed and love these harmless creatures that surely decorate our environment.


We also had a friend visit from Madagascar, he had a wonderful time seeing all these animals for the first time. Andreas is a guide working at Mandrare River Camp in the south of the island in the spiny forest. He hosted me well when I was in Madagascar so it was a pleasure returning the favour on my grounds. I believe he left with an amazing experience and hopefully learnt a lot that he could take back home and give their guests a better experience.


Yes we are getting close to closing the season but guaranteed there is much to see out here, things change every day, pride dynamics change, weather changes, distribution of animals changes, the wheel turns on and another circle begins.


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