Beho Beho Bushblog – Walter – 26th February


It is always amazing and somewhat surprising how quickly time flies by, another month to go and it will be the end of another fantastic season. The whole guide team is still striving to achieve the 300 bird mark, so looking here, there and everywhere to hit that magical mark. We are currently on 288, so still 12 shy, so trying our best to get those difficult birds, once all the common ones are now spotted.

But we have also now decided that we would take things even one step further and try and put together a biodiversity list of the species in and around our area, this is going to include all things that we have photographed and seen over the last year, and also including other species we have photographed in the past. We have already started and found some interesting and beautiful creatures and plants, but as you can imagine not as easy to identify some of these species, in particular some of the insects and spiders. The plan is to draft a complete list, and then make it available to everyone interested, where possible and hopefully with most get images as well. Quite a big undertaking, but I think this will definitely be a great adventure of discovery of the species within our operating area of the Selous.

Recently a good friend, Andre Coetzer, has come to Beho Beho to help with the butterflies, as he is quite the expert and during his trip we did very well, reaching a target of 103 different species within 10 days. The added benefit was that the Beho Beho guides assisted, and learnt about these beautiful insects, we also now and then went looking for the odd reptile and after the rains some frogs came out, not everyone’s favourites but still things we need to add to the list.

So we have currently been using butterfly traps to see what comes in to feed on the bait we put out, a nice stinky mixture of fermented, mashed fruit, beer and yeast, and then also dug some pit fall traps, which we inspect for anything that may fall in to add to the list. Another thing we are using is Phil’s camera trap, which we will setup at various spots to see who comes by, Andre brought one to, and another repeat guest Rob, so will take a look at what was captured.

I think this is an exciting addition, and the final product I think will be very beneficial to all, guests, guides, science, etc. Hence when you decide to visit us, it is always good to have you scanning around to see what one can find, not only the large species, the smaller things to, even the things you aren’t too fond of, each individual helps.

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1 Response to Beho Beho Bushblog – Walter – 26th February

  1. Darlene Knott says:

    How interesting, Phil! The suni looks rather like the dik dik. We are still looking for our first aardvark. I hope your camera setup works well–looking forward to pics! Safari Sissy

    Sent from Darlene’s iPad!


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