Beho Beho Bushblog – Saningo – 24th February


It was very dusty and hot before the rains started, so the game densities were a bit low on the open areas as the Selous Game Reserve, the scenery started to transform into a dry landscape again, and the game began to move back to the permanent water points. This all changed as the rains fell, and it turned to green. It is now incredible, as the game is now all over the open areas, enjoying the lush green grass, and the landscapes are beautiful. Not only have the large species become more active, but the birds as well. We are often spoilt with big flocks of Northern Carmine Bee-eaters following the vehicles as we drive, disturbing grasshoppers which they feed on. Something any guest enjoys watching.

The weather has been warm, with it cooling slightly in the late afternoons with the magical sunsets, which you can only experience in Africa.

2402151 2402152 2402153 2402154



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1 Response to Beho Beho Bushblog – Saningo – 24th February

  1. Darlene Knott says:

    Beautiful photos! I especially love the Bee-eaters following the vehicle! How cool is that? Thanks for the report, Saning’o! Safari Sissy

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