Beho Beho Foodieblog – Karin – 19 Feb


“People who love to eat are always the best people.” ~Julia Child


Who doesn’t love good food? We celebrated Valentine’s day in honour of loved ones near and far – even though most of them are far away, we still had a great day with our Beho Beho family, and repeat guests who had been here before, so also felt like family anyway. Decked out in red, of course we had to do some food to match – love food.


Everything had hearts. Cute, albeit a bit corny. Over lunch we served good old comfort food – chicken pie with heart cut outs. We also did bacon and cheese heart bread rolls, heart shaped meringues for the pavlova, you name it. Over tea time, we had heart shaped cookies and some brilliant macarons which I’ll chat about later. Sundowner snacks were, you guessed it, heart shaped chilli cheese pastry bites. We went overboard really. Even the potatoes served with the beef filet and a saffron buerre blanc for dinner were hearts! I loved it.


Back to the awesome macarons.


I have never heard of dehydrated tea powder before. Tea leaves that have been dried and turned into a normal teabag, then processed to make a normal cup of tea with it, this liquid then being dehydrated again, so that you can just dissolve the tea flavour in a cup of water, to get tea again… Like milk powder. It leaves no residue or tea leaves to be strained out.  Call me old school – I grew up with bags of tea that you let steep in hot water for a few minutes, before removing the bag and enjoying the remaining infusion.


So, when Tricia came back from her home in the states with two tins of this, naturally I was intrigued. One was a green tea powder, while the other was Spiced Chai Tea Latte Mix powder. It is made up of black tea, sugar & honey, and a spice blend that includes cinnamon, clove, cardamom, anise, and ginger. It already contains milk as well, hence the latte.


Well, there was only one thing to make with it. For Valentine’s Day, we did a Red Velvet spiced chai latte macaron, with a white chocolate filling. I cannot describe the perfection. It was delicious! Since we ground our own almonds, the outside texture wasn’t as smooth a shell as we normally have with macarons, but that just made it better! Cinnamony spicy textured goodness. And the milk in the mix gave it a creamy dimension that was inspiring!


We also did a few smores – chocolate cookies with dark chocolate and a strawberry flavoured marshmallow, baked in a hot oven. Yum.


With love from the heart of the Selous!


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