Beho Beho Bushblog – Heribert – 28th January


New leaves, new grass, new lives, new year, new experiences. It goes on and on. It is such a gift to live these moments, not only as a spectator but in it and part of it.


We have been having some decent rain over the last couple of weeks, the land has had its thirst quenched, trees are in full leaf, lush green pastures through the plains, little puddles shimmering in the occasional sun. A true paradise for all, the hippos are having the time of their lives with water and lush grass. What a world to be born in, the wilderbeest calves open their eyes to a contrast of colours no description will do justice. There are plenty of insects around, whether looking for the sweet nectar of the blooming flowers or lush green leaves and grasshoppers are working away on the carpet of grass. Everywhere one looks there is something to prove life. This is the time where the primary have flourished, the secondary also flourishes and the tertiary does too.


With the odds in great favour of the vegeterian species, they get healthy and use the opportunity to breed and spread their genes. The same odds favour the carnivorous predators, whether the calves at their venerable time or the healthy adults. Lions, hyena, and leopards, bee-eaters, rollers and eagles, all benefit from this glorious time and they too take the advantage to breed and spread their genes. This is the circle that life rotates, generations and generations come and go, a perfect balance if left to its course, only when man stretches a hand and interferes does it go wrong.


All I am trying to say is that, the selous game reserve at this particular season is a true paradise. Spectacular sceneries like paintings with animals spread out between the green carpet and the dramatic skies. Birds of all colours and sizes, carmine bee-eaters fly next to the vehicle as you drive through the plains, like soldiers sending out a tank only this war is on grasshoppers, like red arrows no hopper  trying to flee from the vehicle is safe.


With all this beauty, a few days ago I had my highlight. A beautiful python approximately 4 meters slithered in front of me at our signal hill. The light was just right and it brought out its amazing golden colour, like art patterned with chocolate brown, she was a true beauty.

Truly magical.

2801151 2801152 2801153



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3 Responses to Beho Beho Bushblog – Heribert – 28th January

  1. Darlene Knott says:

    Beautiful, yes, but do I want to run into one?? No! I will just enjoy this perfect photo of the Python. No need to show me one!!! Haha! Nice description of this time of year in the Selous, Heribert! Thanks for sharing! Safari Sissy (Darlene Knott)

    Sent from Darlene’s iPad!


  2. Katie says:

    What à wounderfull souvenir, each time it’s a so nice moment to see the beautiful pictures with your comments . I dream to come back. Thank you for sharing with us beauty of the world.

  3. Neil and Pam Fenn says:

    Heribert you write so descriptively, truly a paradise and makes us want to return to Beho Beho in the wet season to see the completely different panoramic views and experiences you talk about. As you say it is nature at its most beautiful and important cycle, let’s hope humans don’t try to interfere with anything but their cameras!

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