Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 26 January


I have had such an incredible week. The first day I was with a family of four guests who never been on safari before, for the morning drive. When we got to Beho Beho international the first animals we saw were a pack of eight Wild dogs running across the runway. We follow them and we spent about two minutes with them before they disappeared towards the Msine valley. I tried to drive around towards Msine the crossing to see if I could see them again but it was so difficult to get there because on the way we saw so much. There were a breeding herd of Impala about three hundred metres from the airstrip, then a herd of Waterbuck followed by Giraffe and finally at the Msine crossing there were a Troop of Baboons and a herd of Elephants feeding on the palm nuts and there were no signs of Wild Dog at all. We decided to watch the interaction between Baboon and Elephant. One of the big bulls decided to shake the palm tree which was amazing to watch. We drove back to the airstrip to see if we could find the Wild Dogs again, but we didn’t. We carried on with our drive to the open plains and we saw our big bull Elephant (Titan). As usual he was so relax munching away three metres away from us. When we got to Onesmo’s road it was even better where we saw Clan of nine Hyenas fighting with the Bibi pride. I think the Lions killed a small animal like a baby Wildebeest and the Hyena wanted to take over. We watched them for a long time before we went to the Tamlyn’s plain and the pride followed us there. It was fabulous to see sub adult not only walking but also playing.
The following day I took two guests to lake Tagalala for boating. Again just as we left the camp we found a bull Elephant. When we got to the Beho Beho international it was unbelievable as we saw a collation of four male Lions. Two of them where just outside the terminal building. We watched them for quite some time before we carried on to the lake. There is plenty of plains game now just after the rains we had. On our way to Lake Tagalala we saw so much. On the boat we saw a dead Hippo who died during a battle. About a hundred Crocodiles were there having a feast in dominance hierarchy.
Lastly I was with two girls on board. One of them is one of the most well-travelled guests. She likes everything but she is more interested with Wild Dogs. We spent a few days looking for them but they didn’t show up. This was her last drive. We saw so much on that morning like Titan, two breeding herds of Elephants, breeding herd of Buffalo, Eland, Hyena, Wildebeest and Zebra. On the way back on our drive we saw side striped Jackal and our car was covered with Northern Carmine bee-eaters. There were like a hundred and everyone in the vehicle was snapping the bee-eaters. We had already given up looking for the Wild Dogs.  All of a sudden I saw two male Impalas running for their life across the road. When I looked behind them to see what was chasing them I saw three Wild Dogs travelling at full speed. I shouted dogs…dogs. It was unbelievable because it was quarter to eleven. Just the last forty five minutes of her drive where we saw them. They missed those Impala and we got some time to watch them. It was a beautiful pack of fifteen Wild Dogs including six pupies.

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