Beho Beho Bushblog – Goldlisten – 26th January


Territory is very important for the wild animals even for the raptors. This week I saw a Lion marking his area and also an African Fish Eagle doing the same thing. Having a territory is very important because they get more chance of getting food and also for reproduction, but to defend it is another story. A lot of Lions may be killed or end up having fatal wounds from the fighting with another Lion whilst trying to defend there territory. When Lions reach two years old it’s time for them to be evict from their mothers territory and they ending up being nomadic until they are five or six, old enough to fight and take over from an older or weaker Lion. Lioness stay with their mother or they may decide to move and have their own territory elsewhere.


Lion territory ranges but is approximately one hundred square miles. They mark and protect their territory with their menacing roar, urine and by chasing off any trespassing Lion.


African Fish Eagles communicate vocally with members of the same species or other avian competitors to establish and maintain territories. When calling whether perched or in flight, they throw their head back and give loud far carrying, distinctive calls. Male African Fish Eagles tends to a have higher pitched than females. They will call for display or call when under threat from intruders. African Fish Eagles perceive their territories through visual, auditory, tactile and chemical stimuli.

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