Beho Beho Bushblog – Phil – 15th January


Beho Beho’s Lake Tagalala experience is always a favourite with our guests, a rare chance to discover one of Africa’s water features from the comfort of our boats. It affords views impossible from the shore, offers a change of pace and for me, I love guiding these trips in particular for the variety of wildlife drawn to the lake and the hunting opportunities it presents.


Crocodile’s are of course always a feature of these boat safari’s and never fail to evoke various but always strong emotions in us, with their cold predatory instincts and taking our imagination on a journey back to the age of the dinosaurs, and there are some real monster sized crocs in Tagalala. And then Lions are of course drawn to the lakeshores awaiting an opportunity to surprise thirsty herds of plains game as they come down to drink.


But it’s not just the large predators, a myriad of smaller but no less effective predators use the lake as a hunting ground.

Nile Monitors creep around the shoreline digging up unattended crocodile nests and raiding the nests of various bird species.


The birds around the lake themselves are around the lake in search of a meal and are hunting in a variety of way’s.

Heron’s stand like statue’s ready to stab with their dagger-like bills at any passing fish. Fish Eagles take up station in the tall trees around the lake, eagle eyed and ready to launch and stoop to pluck any fish who venture close to the surface.

Pelicans swim along the lake edges and thrust their head’s under filling their big bill pouch with fish.

Yellow-billed Kites also add to the mix and on two recent trips I have found one of my favourite birds and arguably one of the most spectacular flyer’s in the sky – a Peregrine Falcon, who on both occasions was positioned perched at the top of a prominent Baobab tree. I find myself lingering in this area scanning the skies for any potential prey such as unsuspecting doves and hoping to get a demonstration of the Peregrine’s speed and skill. Maybe I will get lucky on the next lake trip.

Croc Fish Eagle Pelican Peregrine

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