Beho Beho Bushmail – Season of Celebrations

The last couple of the months of the year here at Beho Beho were punctuated by various celebrations!


First up came Halloween and a themed evening featuring witches, bats, scary pumpkins and some oddly dressed staff members – a great evening at a time when unusual occurrences extended to the safari’s too with some of the rarer species spotted such as Suni antelope, bush pig and Honey badgers viewed on foot!

Pumpkins Witches

It was at this point with the land still dry and in need of watering that a coalition of 4 male lion’s, new to the area, moved in and positioned themselves at one of the few points of remaining standing water and which of course is a huge draw to all the other animals, the pools of the Msine river directly below camp.  These four young but powerful looking males could rival the current territory holders – the remaining 2 of the 3 musketeers, we shall have to wait and see. But they certainly provided fantastic experiences for our guests, with numerous walking safari’s encountering them and amazingly one day we viewed them from our look out banda as they attacked a herd of Buffalo in the valley! After initially running, the buffalo eventually rallied to save the one member of the herd under attack and chasing off the lions!

_DSC8415 _DSC8420

One thing is for sure we haven’t heard the last of these four boys and they and their bid for territory and a pride will surely provide interesting viewing in the future.

Only a few short rainstorms in November and December scattered the still relatively dry savannah and then Christmas was upon us.

With Santa behind the bar, the Beho Beho family and our guests had a fantastic time giving out presents and indulging in just enough merriness that we were all ok to get up in the morning and get down to the serious business of safari, with great general game in our immediate area and plenty of lion and hyena activity. But one set of guests received a very special present on Christmas day – a leopard!

Santa Simba Leopard-2

The time in between Christmas and NewYear was especially memorable due to two events. First up came a huge rainstorm sweeping through the bush on the night of the 28th. With high rainfall both around Beho Beho and in the catchment area, the Msine came down in spate and was higher than in recent memory. An event which made for spectacular views even if it did restrict our movements a little.


The events of New Years Eve were even more exciting as we drove out in the morning to find a pack of Wild Dogs at the airstrip! We were delighted to be able to follow the pack off and on for the whole morning, but we were not the only hangers on the dogs had, with a persistent hyena shadowing them all morning too and the odd vulture even joined the party hoping for a morsel should these highly effective predators make a successful hunt – however they were disappointed as the dogs spent more time playing and chasing the ever present Hyena! A fantastic drive which at one point saw us watching lion, Wild Dogs and Hyena all in the same view!

Checking the crossing The chase

With everyone on a high, and after a celebratory dinner, we definitely saw in the New Year in typical Beho Beho style!


We would like to wish all our guests past, present and future  all the best in the new year from the whole Beho Beho family. May 2015 be filled with love, laughter and amazing wildlife sightings!




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2 Responses to Beho Beho Bushmail – Season of Celebrations

  1. Harald Loeffler says:

    Thanks for the recap of the end of the year – always fun to read these!


  2. Christine Le Blanc says:

    My wish is to spend Christmas at Beho Beho – one day perhaps!!

    Our love and best wishes to everyone

    Christine and Tony Le Blanc

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